Verification vs Validation

Verification vs Validation
Verification vs Validation

Verification vs Validation

Verification vs Validation: Key Difference

Here is the main difference between verification and validation testing:

The verifying process includes checking documents, design, code, and programIt is a dynamic mechanism of testing and validating the actual product
It does not involve executing the codeIt always involves executing the code
Verification uses methods like reviews, walkthroughs, inspections, and desk- checking etc.It uses methods like Black Box Testing, White Box Testing, and non-functional testing
 Whether the software conforms to specification is checkedIt checks whether the software meets the requirements and expectations of a customer
It finds bugs early in the development cycleIt can find bugs that the verification process can not catch
Target is application and software architecture, specification, complete design, high level, and database design etc.Target is an actual product
QA team does verification and make sure that the software is as per the requirement in the SRS document.With the involvement of testing team validation is executed on software code.
It comes before validationIt comes after verification

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